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A gym or warmup room for a powerlifting meet with lots of equipment. Photo by Ambitious Studio* - Rick Barrett via Unsplash.

Powerlifting Warm-Up Rooms: Rules We Learned in Kindergarten

Someone on Instagram suggested I do a post about powerlifting warm-up room etiquette.

I loved this idea. After competing in 14 meets, including some big ones (and judging many as well) I’m pretty familiar with warm-up rooms. They tend to get quite chaotic, especially at larger competitions.

Airplane high above the clouds, traveling to a powerlifting meet

Tips for Traveling to a Powerlifting Meet

I recently returned from competing at WRPF Nationals in Las Vegas, a five-plus-hour flight away from my home. (It went well!) This was something like the sixth large meet to which I’ve had to travel a long distance (including a couple internationally). Through all of those trips, plus hearing stories from fellow lifters, I’ve picked up a few pointers you may find useful if you’re new to the experience of traveling to a powerlifting meet.

Surfer on a big wave at Jaws in Maui, Hawaii, as an example of overcoming fear when dealing with a heavy barbell in strength training.

How Do I Psych Myself Up Before Heavy Lifts?

Do you have any tips for mindset and overcoming fear before heavy lifts? My issue is when I step up to a big lift I try to psych myself up but there’s always a voice telling me “you’re gonna fail this.” How do I shut that voice up?!

This is a common problem and one I deal with myself sometimes. I jokingly apologized to my coach recently for being a head case—my self-talk has been pretty poor as I struggle to come back from a back injury—and he kindly referred to me as a “psychological athlete” 😂 and said he’s going to tell me to just shut my brain off for the entire day at Nationals in a couple of weeks.

But, how do we shut our brain off? How do we stop thinking so much and just DO the damned thing? 

The author preparing to squat in her first powerlifting meet.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Powerlifting Meet

Congratulations! You did it! You took the plunge and signed up for your first powerlifting meet! 

Now you find yourself swinging between excitement and high anxiety. What have you gotten yourself into?!

Jack White, someone who knows to expect the unexpected

In Competition, Expect the Unexpected

My husband and I headed to Portland, Maine this past summer to catch Jack White in concert. 

Intelligent people could argue for hours about whether or not the performance was good based on which version of Jack White you prefer (there have been *many*).  But this isn’t a music review. 

What I want to talk about is what happened during the first song, “Fear of the Dawn.”

A master at work

Within minutes of taking the stage, it became clear White had a problem with his guitar. Since he’s a guitarist, that posed a challenge.

Self-talk question

Is Your Self-Talk Holding You Back?

If you cultivate something in your mind, you give it a life. It’s really that simple.

Laird Hamilton, champion big wave surfer

Let’s talk about self-talk.

How’s yours? 

Not so good? 

Welcome to the human race. 

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