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Month: September 2022

Woman preparing to weigh herself on a digital scale

Escape the Scale Trap

I realized something the other morning when I hopped on the scale for my daily weigh-in. 

My weight had gone up… and I felt BAD about it. 

And that was stupid.

Jack White, someone who knows to expect the unexpected

In Competition, Expect the Unexpected

My husband and I headed to Portland, Maine this past summer to catch Jack White in concert. 

Intelligent people could argue for hours about whether or not the performance was good based on which version of Jack White you prefer (there have been *many*).  But this isn’t a music review. 

What I want to talk about is what happened during the first song, “Fear of the Dawn.”

A master at work

Within minutes of taking the stage, it became clear White had a problem with his guitar. Since he’s a guitarist, that posed a challenge.

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